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Nikolaos Tzovaras
Grinding machine - Machine shop - CNC - Grinding heads - Cylinders - Linings - Goat Ioannina


Our Machine Shop is a constantly evolving metal processing unit based in Katsikas Ioannina and active in the field of mechanical processing.
We undertake the manufacture, repair and maintenance of any type of component or metal structure with a wide scope of application. Many years of experience, excellent know-how and excellent equipment enable us to offer solutions during the production process of complex and demanding constructions for every industrial sector. With continuous expansion of knowledge and persistence in detail we manage to guarantee the high quality of the services and products provided.
In our company, the wishes of the customers are always at the center. We strive for your satisfaction and lay the foundation for long-term and reliable relationships of trust.

The equipment is modern and includes among others:

  • CNC lathe
  • 2 CNC machining centers
  • Conventional lathes
  • Cutters
  • Gear cutters
  • Fallacies
  • Drill
  • Roller rectifier

(while supported by relevant CAD/CAM software and modern CMM control unit)